SUMMARY: Over three years of experience in Oracle database administration, software design, development and implementation. Specialized in performance turning,backup and database recovery procedures. Done sizing and capacity planning for databases on multiple platforms. Able to handle any RDBMS related DBA activities on any platform. SKILLS/TOOLS: Operating Systems: VMS, UNIX, DOS, MS Windows, UNICOS 7.0, DEC-Alpha, OPEN/VMS VMS Tools: DCL, FMS, VAX Software Engineering Tools VMS Utilities, System Services, ACMS Ver 3.0, VAX Performance Analyzer, RMU, RMS. Languages: COBOL, C, Basic, Pascal, FORTRAN, C++, SQL, PL/SQL Data Communication: DECNET, TCP/IP. Hardware: VAX 8810/8250/4300, DEC Alpha Cray XMP/216-Super Computer, IBM-PC, Wipro Land Mark II, Pentium machines Database: RDB, Oracle 7.3, Ingres,Informix, Oracle Internals PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AHOLD INFORMATION SERVICES,INC Greenville,SC Oracle DBA April 98-Till date Maintained and analyzed fragmented databases on VMS Systems and migrated to UNIX. Implementation of Payroll module from Oracle 7.1 to 7.3. Assisted in implementing Designer/2000 Reviewed and modified procedures and made recommendations. Trained Jr. DBAs in performance tuning and other issues related to Databases. Installed Oracle Applications on Windows/NT. Environment: Oracle 7.X, Windows/NT, VAX/VMS, Open/VMS GTE MOBILNET Oracle DBA, CMIS (Customer Management Information System). Dec 97 - April 98 Maintained for a large Database of 500 GB running 7x24 hrs basic and into production. Was responsible for following tasks Tuned the database and analyzed tuning requirements, diagnosed database resource bottleneck, optimized query correcting table and index cardinality, Adjusted tablespaces parameters, maintained system resources and memory management. Finalized Performance Analysis Methodology, Physical Database Design. Reducing Disk I/O operations, Database Integrity considerations, Constraint Optimizations, Loading a database efficiently, Accessing a database remotely, Locking, Index retrieval, inserting Records efficiently. Understanding internal page structure, Understanding lock mechanics, Interaction with users Environment: Oracle 7.X, Dec Alpha, VAX/VMS, Open/VMS, Windows-NT June 97-Dec 97 Title : Zadall Pharmacy Client : Dana Electricals. Software : Informix (RDBMS) OS : AIX-Unix Project Description : Maintaining the Database of Zadall Pharmacy.Storing the data of seventy pharmacy stores.Maintaining drug information upto date.Unix shell scripts are written to automate Price updation of drugs for each store. Using FTP compressed price update files are sent to each store and are applied against each store. A script to uncompress files and apply the changes at each store is written. Shell script is written to generate the updated drug Report at each store.These programs run every week and are automated using cron. Whenever customer requests for new drug which is not available in master file, immediately a report is generated at Host giving details of the drug requested .The report is generated with the Site Number as prefix-to know which store requested for new drug. Data at host is being backed up Monday through Saturday -incremental Back up and Full database backup Weekly.New store information need to be added at Host when a new drug store is added along with its ip address and store number. Feb 97 - June 97 Title : Hire Purchase Financial Package Client : Aditya Associates. Software : Oracle 7.1, Developer/2000 Tools. (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5 and Graphics 2.5) Project Description : This Package deals with Recurring Deposit Scheme, Fixed Deposit and Hire-Purchase transactions. Fixed Amount is collected from the customers who are enrolled in a specific scheme for a fixed duration. The amount is transferred to Fixed deposit Scheme whereby the customer is given the fixed deposit document for a particular period. The total amount collected from the scheme members is invested in the hire_purchase Scheme. Through Hire_purchase Department the amount is anctioned as loan to customers on interest and under certain payment terms. The revenue from hire_purchase is transferred to customers of recurring deposit scheme. Multiple schemes will be started monthly depending on the customers. Objectives of the Application Customized Screen are developed to enter the master/details of Customers, Nominee’s, Schemes, with Drawal Screen, Receipt Screen, Head Accounts for each of the modules. I.e. Recurring Deposit Scheme, Fixed Deposit and Hire_Purchase Scheme. Proper relations are set between development officer, field officers and customers. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Half Yearly and Yearly reports are generated based on the requirement. Statistical Graphs are generated accordingly. Involved in creation of database, table spaces and tables of the hire purchase financial package. Creating and managing schema's, roles, privileges and granting them to the developers on database objects. Involved in creation of database triggers, procedures, functions and packages. After the development of the project, loaded the data from FoxPro to Oracle database using SQL*Loader. Involved in improving the performance by analyzing objects and rebuilding the indexes. Configured SQL*Net. Involved in performance tuning of the database.Worked with export/import,backup (cold and hot) and creation of database links and snapshots. Apr 96 - Jan 97 Title : Medical Billing System Client : Sri Sai Poultry And Veterinary Needs, Khammam Software : Oracle 7.1, Developer/2000 Tools. (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5 and Graphics 2.5) Project Description : Involved in development and implementation of Medical Billing System for a Poultry and Veterinary Stores using ORACLE ver 7.1 and Developer / 2000 Tools. This software package is developed for Office Automation i.;e., Stock Maintenance, Billing, Accounts etc. It provides a facility to acquire material by other firms or other local dealers i.e., Retail or Wholesale. Developed user interface applications which maintains Master/Details of Companies, Customers, Firms and stock. Maintenance of balances and dues are also taken care. It facilitates maintenance of Daily transactions. Customised screens are developed for all these transactions using Forms 4.5 and PL/SQL ver 2.0. Various statistical reports and notices and and when required for review in the stock to analyse profit and loss are generated using Reports 2.5 Charts are developed for yearly reports using Graphics 2.5. Dec 95 - Apr 96 Title : Catalogue System Client : Kakatiya College, Hanamkonda. Software : Oracle 7.1, Developer/2000 Tools.(Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5 and Graphics 2.5) Project Description Developed menudriven application Catalogue System for a graduate school using ORACLE 7.1 and Developer / 2000 Tools. It maintains the inventory of Books, catalogue under various academic sections. Application development covered all the aspects of Library viz., acquisitions, periodicals, News Papers, Cataloguing, Circulation, Enquiries and Library Administration. All the Screens are developed using Forms 4.5 running under MS-Windows 3.1 and PL/SQL ver. 2.0. Status reports were generated using Reports 2.5. Developed menus and integrated with Forms. Alos provided consultation in standardizing various features such as property classes, visual attributes and record groups. June 95 - Dec 95 Title : Financial Management System Client : Kakatiya College. Software : Oracle 7.1 Project Description : Designated and Developed a Relational Database for a Financial Management System. The relations were normalised to third normal form. Customized screen development and reports generation were done with Developer / 2000 Tools.
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